Small Business Incubator

"Reinvigorating small business development one entrepreneur at a time"

Our mission at the VIEDA Small Business Incubator is to provide a critical bridge between existing programs and services to assist entrepreneurs in the areas of professional services, food & agribusiness, tourism and information technology. The primary purpose is to surround new and existing entrepreneurs with the necessary support services to foster sustainable economic growth and to enhance our territory’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Small Business Incubator provides a distinct geographical location where technology-based firms and service providers are in close proximity to all of the community assets and services that are available. The program promotes resource collaborations between our local university, research organizations, government and other community institutions. It also serves as an informal business university that mentors its entrepreneurs through the process of launching a new, or expanding their existing business.

Reinvigorating the entrepreneurial spirit within the residents of this community is one way to create an avenue to spark economic sustainability.