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Application Process

Applications for VI Economic Development Commission (VIEDC) tax incentives can be completed using the VIEDC online application.

  • Applicants are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Managing Director, Economic Development.
  • Upon submission of an application, the staff reviews for completeness and may request additional information to clarify or justify statements and/or findings and to ascertain the validity of documents filed with the VIEDC. Once an application is deemed complete, the application is provided to the Board of Directors.
  • Thereafter, the Applicant is scheduled to present on the merits of their application before the Board of Directors at a pre-scheduled public hearing.
  • Following the public hearing,  an evaluation report and recommendation is submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration of a grant of tax incentive benefits at the predetermined board decision meeting.



The following fees, in accordance with U.S. Virgin Islands law, apply to applications filed under the respective categories:

Category  Application Fee
Category I  $1,500
Category II  $3,500
Category III  $5,000
Category IV  $7,500
Category V  $7,500

Once tax incentive benefits are approved by the VIEDC Governing Board, the applicant is notified and, upon their review and acceptance of the terms, is required to elect the dates for commencement of its incentives.  Upon the execution of a certificate of incentives, the beneficiary is required to participate in an orientation session conducted by the Compliance Unit.


The beneficiary pays a one-time activation fee and an annual compliance fee, in accordance with Virgin Islands law, under the respective categories:

Category  Activation Fee  Annual Compliance Fee
Category I  $1,000  $1,500
Category II  $1,500  $3,000
Category III  $3,500  $5,000
Category IV  $5,000  $9,500
Category IV  $5,000  $9,500

Fees and Category Descriptions

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