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EDB Success Stories

15 years ago, I received a loan from SBDA and they helped with agriculture supplies for my family estate farm of 64 acres. We rare the St. Croix white-hair sheep and many vegetables. Since my parents passed in the 60s, we’ve been taking care of the farm. UVI does research on these particular species of sheep and we do research with UVI and now we harvest cucumbers, avocados, and peppers. Farming is a hard job and we appreciated the loan as we are looking to expand the farm. I like to encourage farmers to participate in loans that are available through SBDA and USVIEDA, Economic Development Bank.
Henry P. Schuster
Echo Valley Farm
I went in for my first EDB loan and because of certain circumstances I walked out and took my business plan and I started my business with my own funds. In 2017, I went back in and I wanted to expand. EDA was there in the time they were supposed to be there. I learned through the pitfalls and bruises and they were there in those moments.
Joanne Samuel
Add a Touch LLC
The EDB loan program was very beneficial. The process was a little time consuming, but at the end the staff was very supportive. They were very good at wanting to know if I needed help with anything. Calling and checking up on whether I was ok after the storms made me feel that they really cared about the people. It’s been a really good program.
Lornette Rogers
Envii Boutique
I have had a very positive experience with the Economic Development Authority program. They did guide me through the process of applying for a loan. It was a little tedious; however, I think the important thing was the way they assisted me as a local, as a new business. Something that hadn’t been here before, but something that I thought would enhance the business community in St. Thomas and in particular in the Garden Street area. This was an opportunity for me to put together to benefit and hopefully grow on. This is my 4th year and I’m still here.
Judith Edwin, Owner
E’s Garden Teahouse and Things
I’m a proud business owner supported by the USVIEDA. After the devastation of the storms, we were able to get financing to sustain ourselves during rough times. I encourage everyone to take advantage of their program to start their business or get additional funding for your business.
Curtis Gilpin, President
G Mussels Fitness LLC
The EDB has made the process easier to secure a loan and I got all the help from the EDA staff as they walked me through the process. Because of the loan I was able to see my business progress my business and I’m glad to say I paid off my loan. I encourage others in the community to take advantage of the program. I represent the Virgin Islands and I love it!
Burlie Montoute, Owner
Virgin Islands Scenic Tours