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Seven Seas Water

Seven Seas Water is an industry leader in quality and reliability, delivering total water management solutions for Municipal, Industrial and Commercial clients. We offer turn-key solutions with a compliment of technologies for desalination, high-purity water treatment, and water recovery and re-use. Providing the capital and expertise, Seven Seas Water designs, constructs, operates and maintains dedicated water treatment facilities, while our clients enjoy a dependable supply of water under a fixed rate water sale agreement.  This unique Water-As-A-Service™ approach creates a true partnership between Seven Seas Water and our client as it perfectly aligns our interests, namely a reliable, cost-effective water solution.

Business Location: 
Randolph E. Harley Power Plant St. Thomas Estate Richmond Power Plant St. Croix
Date Established: 
Number of Employees: 
15 employees
USVI Solution/Benefit: 
  • Access to a pool of hardworking, dedicated individuals who are proud of contributing to their island
  • An essential service to the well-being of the local community as well as a cornerstone for economic growth
  • A robust tax incentive program
  • U.S. system - laws and currency
“We are proud to be a part of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s (WAPA’s) solution to lowering the costs of essential services to the community. By teaming up with WAPA and the EDC program, we are able to reduce WAPA’s water production costs by 50 percent compared to the 40-year-old distiller system that was used before.” – Frederick Hung, President of Seven Seas Water Corporation (USVI)