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Denali Asset Management

Denali Asset Management LLLP is a discretionary global macro trading firm that manages the funds Denali Partners LP and Denali Offshore Partners Ltd. Denali was formed originally in Chicago in early 2000 and relocated to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2003 as a limited liability limited partnership. 

Denali maximizes the use of high-speed internet access to carry out on-going, daily assessment of global economic conditions, evaluate market behavior, and identify profitable trading opportunities.  A variety of financial and commodity markets around the globe are then traded, including interest rates, currencies, commodities, and equity indices.  Denali also engages in venture capital investments and in the creation of new investment strategies including real estate investment and development.

Key Customers: 
include top professionals in the financial services industry
Business Location: 
Gallows Bay Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI
Date Established: 
Number of Employees: 
12 employees as of Feb 2016
USVI Solution/Benefit: 
  • Access to a nationwide pool of talented, stateside schooled and trained, dislocated Virgin Islanders who have a genuine desire to return home to the islands.
  • Ability to invest internally, growing to a staff of twelve by relocating to the islands
  • A very robust tax incentive program
  • U.S. system – laws and currency
"Denali has a strong team of highly educated, Virgin Islands professionals. Proficient, responsible and dedicated describes them well," – Brad Lenhart, CEO of Denali Asset Management.