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Cost Pricing Forum - Entrepreneurship Training

Let's burn the midnight oil!

This class will provide basic insight on various pricing strategies and examining how these strategies can be used to increase profitability, while maximizing value to the consumer.

Join Jed JohnHope, instructor of webinar series, an experienced entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience building and running businesses. This experience includes significant work within the USVI. Former employers include Morgan Stanley, the Hess Corporation, Liberty Mutual, and ARCADIS. Mr. JohnHope is a native Crucian and an alumnus of the Good Hope School, the University of Delaware, London Business School and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Jed is the current Vice Chairman of the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority Board and a Trustee of the Good Hope Country Day School.

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED. Virtual space is limited. Licensed businesses are encouraged to register.

Registration Link: https://startupspace.app/detail-normal-events/15700/2021_02_03/09_05


Event Date: 
Wed, 02/24/2021 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm